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Re: Birthday of the List

Feb 03, 1997 06:53 AM
by ramadoss

>Date: Mon, 03 Feb 1997 06:10:50 -0600
>Subject: Re: Birthday of the List
>At 11:17 AM 2/3/97 +0100, you wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>just for your information, this list exists for three years now and
>>about one thousand individuals (ie. distinguished mail addresses /
>>names) went through this place in cyberspace (ie. subscriptions). I
>>have never thought that it would have such an intensive resonance in
>>the Internet. But the Internet just grows and grows so more and more
>>people get access to it. What strikes me over the years in observing
>>the list is the sheer volume of messages being exchanged. I assume
>>that its just too much for most of the subscribers so that they leave
>>after a short time. It seems one needs a lot of time to follow all the
>>threads or needs some training in filtering out the most interesting
>>ones. Anyhow a lot is happening here I think which is quite
>>interesting so watch out!
>>Best wishes,
>>PS. I plan to have a better WWW interface for the lists mail archive
>>which will allow thread grouping. So one needn't to subscribe to the list
>>to follow the threads. It will also be possible to send mails to the
>>list without being subscribed from the pages in Berlin
>>(ie. Please stay tuned, there will
>>be a posting here when this feature is available.
>Thanks for your foresight in setting up the maillist. Very few people
really understand the still untapped potential of Internet -- we have not
yet seen the full potential. I forsee thousands of msgs each day. Imagine
someone trying to moderate it! Your setting up the maillist, again one more
demonstration that an individual can make a difference and affect a number
of people, and not organizations, as Krishnaji foresaw.
>MK Ramadoss


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