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Re: TS Elections - An Excerpt

Feb 03, 1997 06:32 AM
by John Straughn

M K Ramadoss writes:
>At 06:39 PM 2/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>>>E. Wood:
>>> Thus the election which ought to have been a courtly record of policy and
>>> opinion - a manifestation of brotherhood in a society established "to
>>>form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity" - degenerated into
>>> something worse than any political election I have ever known. Alas, that
>>> every experiment in brotherhood should fail, on reaching a modicum of
>>> material prosperity.
>>It seems that Arundale wanted to be the head of TS so badly, wanted and
>>desired it so much, that he decided it was worth any action or tactic on
>>his part, as long as he got to the top.
>>This is what every soap opera is made of - people who want desire
>>a person, a thing, a position so much that they will stoop to anything to
>>get it.  Essentially, Wood was saying that TS had turned into a soap opera.
>There was much more than Arundale's aspiration at stake.
>When AB died, very soon CWL also died.
>On the ES side, from AB the ES leadership was passed on to CJ.
>Wood settled down in Houston and died I believe sometime in 1950. Very few
>in Houston at that time knew his real background.

They all eventually come back from the dead anyway.  Five or six times.  Maybe
AB will come back with amnesia or something.  Then we'll find out that Wood
faked his death so that he could look for his lost lost cousin Bob.  Then
HPB's evil twin sister will arrive, destory all of the hpb's and take over the

Or maybe not?
The Triaist
Cheers.  (I'll think of something more serious to post eventually.  Lately I
haven't had much time to think theophilosophologically.  All that has been
floating around in my brain are federal regulations. I think I shall now go
gnaw my shoulder off.)


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