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Re: New Advice on Women

Jan 29, 1997 08:17 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From:
> Richard Ihle writes-->
> The key, in my opinion, is not to worry so much about your negatives, but
> just make sure you make a strong impression on them one way or another.  The
> reason for this is that it has been my experience that women tend to see men
> of the semi-descript middle ground as merely consolation prizes.  
> Tom Robertson writes--> 
> This makes sense.  I've always felt that my total failure in this area is not
> due to any particularly repellent qualities (since I've gotten to be pretty
> good at hiding all of them), but that I am just too damn boring.

The most impressive way for two people to impress each other is to
fall in love with each other.  Then there is no second-best, no
comparisons.  Love hides a lot of sins.

In my old age I've become convinced that people don't fall in love
with each other because of the way they look or what they have.
They're attracted to each other because their energies are
compatible and more than likely, each has inside what the other
already has.  

> (The foregoing may be a valid insight, or it could be just a jaundiced view
> lingering in the aftermath of my first serious girlfriend, Ms Georgia ______,
> a half-Greek, half-American-Indian beauty who became "Miss Univac," won some
> regional title in the Miss America Contest, and then left me for an airline
> pilot and then later him for a top executive with Wang Industries.)

Wang?  Univac?  Could she program in Fortran? :-)

> I'll do more thinking about it, but I'll tell you right now . . . equal or
> unequal, theoretically stable or unstable, I'm not getting rid of my dog. . .

Dog is man's best friend.


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