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Re: How Would You Handle It?

Dec 31, 1996 07:41 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 09:29 AM 12/31/96 -0500, you wrote:
>> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>>         Secondly, the statement that the money shall be spent for local
>> activities. The statement can be interpreted very widely. "National
>> Lecturers" (and their spouses) (even now some of the spouses do travel to
>> Lodges with National Lecturers) can travel First Class to NY, stay in
>> expensive hotels and enjoy themselves and those who are on their side.
>> Again, these individuals who visit for Theosophical activity, may be
>> lip service, since the real purpose of their visit may be connected with
>> other *business* or *religious* or *spiritual* activity by disguising the
>> visit as for Theosophical purposes. All these could be justified as
>> Theosophical activity and can be justified. Also the National Directors
>> likely to be very very secretive about disclosing how much money they
>> and how it is being spent. There is no requirement that they disclose it
>> the ordinary members. Accountability, must not be based on *trust*, but
>> built-in openness and requirement to disclose.
>Just a note about my knowledge of one well-known speaker that travels to
>Chicago for area lectures.  That person stays at the luxurious and
>fabulously well-appointed Olcott in Wheaton and eats in their gourmet
>cafeteria.  Occasionally, some of his
>friends get together and take him out to a restaurant, with their own
>One study group member drove out to Wheaton, a far western suburb,
>picked him up at Olcott, brought him to the study group on the North Side
>Chicago and then delivered him back to Olcott when his lecture was over.
>The study group member was using his own car and maybe TSA paid for gas, I
>don't know.
>If lecturers and others are getting the aboved mentioned perks in New York
>City, I think we're getting gypped here in Illinois. : -)

          Glad you posted the msg. I am *not* saying it is happening now.
          It can happen at a future date.
          I should have been more clear on this.

          As for spouses traveling with lecturers, we have had lecturers
whose spouses accompanied them.


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