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Re: How Would You Handle It?

Dec 31, 1996 06:07 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: M K Ramadoss <>
>         Secondly, the statement that the money shall be spent for local
> activities. The statement can be interpreted very widely. "National
> Lecturers" (and their spouses) (even now some of the spouses do travel to
> Lodges with National Lecturers) can travel First Class to NY, stay in
> expensive hotels and enjoy themselves and those who are on their side.
> Again, these individuals who visit for Theosophical activity, may be
> lip service, since the real purpose of their visit may be connected with
> other *business* or *religious* or *spiritual* activity by disguising the
> visit as for Theosophical purposes. All these could be justified as
> Theosophical activity and can be justified. Also the National Directors
> likely to be very very secretive about disclosing how much money they
> and how it is being spent. There is no requirement that they disclose it
> the ordinary members. Accountability, must not be based on *trust*, but
> built-in openness and requirement to disclose.
Just a note about my knowledge of one well-known speaker that travels to
Chicago for area lectures.  That person stays at the luxurious and
fabulously well-appointed Olcott in Wheaton and eats in their gourmet
cafeteria.  Occasionally, some of his
friends get together and take him out to a restaurant, with their own
One study group member drove out to Wheaton, a far western suburb,
picked him up at Olcott, brought him to the study group on the North Side
Chicago and then delivered him back to Olcott when his lecture was over.
The study group member was using his own car and maybe TSA paid for gas, I
don't know.
If lecturers and others are getting the aboved mentioned perks in New York
City, I think we're getting gypped here in Illinois. : -)


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