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Re: What is Theosophy?

Dec 30, 1996 09:13 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Edgar "Mauricio" Rivera wrote:
> - What is Theosophy? I have read Webster's description so far but seems
> to differ a little bit from what I hear in this list.

	As I have mentioned before, the term "Webster's description" is totally
meaningless. Anybody can write a dictionary, and quite legally call it

	However, I would define "theosophy" for you as the search for the basic
truth or truths underlying science, religion, and philosophy.

> - How is Theosophy differs from other philosophies (i.e. Yoga,
> Rosicruscians, Brahmanism, alchemy, gnostics, etc) in a basic way.

	The others are belief systems. Theosophy is a method for building a
belief system.

> - The Headquarters in Pasadena. Is this a place that I can go and visit?

	The headquarters of one of the several Theosohpical Societies is in
Pasedena. There are several others, including the original Theosophical
Society, which is headquartered in Adyar, India, and which has American
National Headquarters in Wheaton, IL. Both may be visited.

	Bart Lidofsky

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