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What is Theosophy?

Dec 27, 1996 10:00 AM
by Edgar \"Mauricio\" Rivera

I have been a member of this list for some 5-6 months and I enjoy it quite
a bit.
Throughout all this time I still have doubts in my mind  about what
Theosophy is all about. Since the subject has arised over the last
couple of days I was wondering if anybody out there can recommend a
good book to read, that will give me a little more in-depth of the
principles of Theosophy.
I have read in the past about different philosophies and I became
actually curious about Theosophy since I found out about this list.

Questions that come to my mind are:
- What is Theosophy? I have read Webster's description so far but seems
to differ a little bit from what I hear in this list.
- How is Theosophy differs from other philosophies (i.e. Yoga,
Rosicruscians, Brahmanism, alchemy, gnostics, etc) in a basic way.
- The Headquarters in Pasadena. Is this a place that I can go and visit?

Please feel free to respond to my personal e-mail ( if
desired, I would really enjoy getting as many answers as possible.



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E. Mauricio Rivera
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