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Re: Merry Xmas to Theos-l

Dec 30, 1996 00:47 AM
by Murray Stentiford


>>>We'd be jealous but we know what your weather can be like in july.  Do
>>>the sheep move with the people or just stay in one place?
>>You've suddenly made me nostalgic - for all those sheep allusions we used
>>to hear when we were in America. Almost as strange as the overwhelming
>>sense of kinship we felt with Australians we met in America.
>>Visions of a woolly tide slurping from one end of the country to the
>>other. Theosophy is good training for visualisations like this.
>I know, I just couldn't resist it.  The image of a mass of sheep
>stampeding across the countryside, being herded by talking pigs all of
>whom sound like John Algeo was just to much to pass up.
>By the way, when you were visiting Olcott, what did they have you doing?

Where did YOU train in visualisation???

I was at Olcott with my wife, Jocelyn, for 3 and 1/2 months. We loved it
there and came to regard many of the people as special friends.

I remember one project was to gather suggestions (in the AT) from readers of
the AT, about ways to improve the TS and put them together into an indexed
compilation. There were some great ideas there, and such a variety of
approaches. If the TS - in any country - did a half of them, it would
probably take off like a rocket.  Of course, you'd have to pick the right
half :-)  I still have the thing somewhere. Might be good to put on the net.

Another thing I did was to put together a lot of ideas and research on
Social Transformation which was to be a theme of the TSA for the following
year. It turned into quite a big project and I wasn't able to finish it
before we had to leave the country. However, I left a diskette of the stuff
behind. Don't know what became of it.

Then there were arduous duties at the Summer School at Lake Geneva like
playing the piano on the last night and talking to LOTS of people. Got home
well and truly worn out. And happy.

As for the weather, we ended up having 3 summers in a row and gasping for a
winter - even a New Zealand one.


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