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Questions about Adam & Eve

Dec 29, 1996 06:08 PM
by Mark Kusek

Dear Theosophizers,

Isn't the whole "Adam & Eve" sin/fall story a veiled reference to some
of the supposed events in the natural development of this round's third
root-race Lemurians and the effect on them of the "coming of the

Could not the "apple" (from a certain point of view) be seen as the
"fire of mind" that the Lords of the Flame "imparted to" or "stimulated
in" them?

Couldn't this stimulation and it's effects ...

individuality and embodied nascent manasic self-consciousness

- or -

the "fall" and descent of egoic mind into "matter" and the loss of
united consciousness with "God's Presence" in "Paradise", i.e., creating
the manasic "gap"

be viewed as a compassionate benefit to the growing race and actually be
in accordance with the evolutionary plan? ... In spite of all the
problems it also brings?

(As in: "Why did the Manasaputras come" and "what was their motivation
in stimulating the race?")

Aren't degrees of "ignorance" and "self-ishness" necessary correlates to
developing individuality and self-consciousness in embodied humanity?

(There's a possible root of compassion for you!)

Couldn't the condeming pall of "original sin" and the misogynistic
attitude towards women via Eve be a later, misinterpretive political

Inquiring minds want to know ...

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