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Will the real Tom please stop changing for a cotton pickin' minute

Dec 29, 1996 06:07 PM
by Mark Kusek

Tom wrote:

>I suspect similarity in principle between the approximate sameness with
>which individuals are known in the span of one lifetime and the
>approximation, at the macro level, that classical physics is to Quantum
>Mechanics. Assuming that its rate of change is reasonably steady, if a
>blade of grass does not noticeably change in 5 minutes, but does so
>noticeably change in 500 years that it would not be considered to be the
>same blade of grass any more, that means that the difference between its
>being considered to still be the same blade of grass and its not being so
>considered is only a matter of degree.

Is this your way of saying that you agree with me?

>To consider something to be the same thing that it was at a previous point
>in time until a noticeable change has taken place is to


>assume that it has not changed just because no change has been noticed.

When you finally get to see your old Aunt Betty after several years and
she says "My stars Tom, how you've changed!" -  do you really let her
know that she's got the wrong guy?


Everybody needs a change
a chance to check out the new,
but you're the only one to see
tha changes you take yourself through ...

-Stevie Wonder (Don't you worry 'bout a thing)

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