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Re: What am I, anyway?

Dec 29, 1996 02:32 AM
by John Straughn

Tom Robertson writes:
>That there is nothing which does not constantly change means that there is
>nothing which has any duration.  Since, at any two instants, any given
>object is something different, what it was at any given instant in the past
>does not exist anymore.  But since there is a relationship in time in how
>the past causes the future, there is continuity between the past and the
>future.  Change only occurs gradually.  Just as all human beings have some
>things in common but are unique, so does what is known as a certain
>individual have much in common with what was known as that individual in
>the past, but cannot be the identical individual.  The difference between
>the difference between the "you" of the past and the "you" of the present
>and the difference between the "you" of now and the "me" of now is only one
>of degree, not of kind.  Neither the "you" of the past nor the "me" of now
>are the "you" of the present.
That goes right along with my favorite saying:
"I'm always leaving, and I'm always going somewhere, even when I'm standing

The Triaist

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