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Dec 28, 1996 06:13 PM
by Mark Kusek

John wrote:

>It is my understanding that the atman itself does not encompass all. It is
>the first manifestation from an absolute. (I'm not sure if this is correct,
>in fact, this particular statement which insinuates that there are more than
>one absolute has confused me for quite some time.) Bleh. Before I make a
>rebuttal regarding this subject please allow me to do some more research.

Some things I try to keep in mind:

The septenary scheme so often used in Theosophical books is meant to be
taken as a model that has neither beginning nor end. For example, the
entire seven great planes of our scheme are but the lower seven
subplanes of the greater Kosmic Physical plane, etc, ad infinitum.

The same goes for the origination of Monads (and their Atmans) in any
given Hierarchy. They are said to issue forth from a Logos, who stands
as the Supreme Hierarch of that scheme, but is itself also evolving, and
a part of a greater scheme, etc, ad infinitum.

These are recondite subjects to say the least. Only the barest sketches
have been given.

We are asked to remember that the teachings deal primarily with our
Earth's Planetary scheme. Any extraploation to cosmic proportions is
analogous speculation. Even the "Masters" are said to have limits to the
scope of their knowledge beyong this scheme.

We can only poorly refer to such mysteries as the Absolute, Being and
Non-Being, Unmanifest and Manifest, One and Many, etc. They are symbols,

HPB in the Secret Doctrine refers to " ... the solution of the riddle
.. before which even the highest Dhyan Chohan must bow in silence and
ignorance - the Unspeakable Mystery of that which is called by the
Vedantins, Parabrahman." - SD., 1, 352

Toodle pip,

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