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Re: Karmic Psychology

Dec 28, 1996 06:28 PM
by kymsmith

John wrote:
>> This is the only
>> conclusion I have been able to make with regards to other "evils"
>> in other religious allegories:  When Eve bit into the fruit, she was
>> saying to herself, "*I* want to know.  If *I* don't find out for *myself*
>> this is, I don't think I will ever be complete."

Ann replied:

>Or perhaps, "I want to be self-conscious".  In becoming awake and conscious
>of one's actions, one would begin to perceive duality.

John wrote:
>> This was her first selfish
>> act.  Selfishness was wrong.  And after experiencing what selfishness
>could do
>> to her, she knew that selfishness was a very evil thing.

Ann replied:

>When first-born, the baby is dependent on its creator or mother.  At around
>2 years,
>it begins to explore its independence and its ability to say "no".  It is
>just growing
>up and becoming its own person.  Is this selfish and evil?

John wrote:

>> Unconsciously, as you
>> say later, she passed her guilt onto Adam by getting him to bite the
>fruit as
>> well.  Perhaps because she wanted to make sure that she was not the only
>> person.  Perhaps because she knew that she had done something wrong and
>> not want to be alone with her guilt.

Ann replied:

>Or wanted to share the freedom. In which case, Adam would owe her a
>debt of gratitude for her courage.

Thank you, Ann, for your insightful answers on the subject and psychology of

Eve, Eve, Eve. . .now there's a woman who figured it out: the greatest of
all evils is ignorance.  Extra congrats to our dear Eve, since the fate of
the first in-your-face kinda gal, Lilith, didn't work to deter her either.


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