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Only love

Dec 28, 1996 04:49 PM
by Mark Kusek

Ann wrote:

>The relationship between the higher self (soul) and the personality is
>a powerful love relationship. It seems that all the other love
>relationships in one's life are only preparation for this.


Couldn't agree more:

It's love, or it's not
give all that you've got
back to the heart
that gave it to you.

It's round make the circle,
round make the circle,
of love.


On lost souls:

>> The teaching on the subject, as I remember it, is that when a final,
>> terminal split occurs, the constituent parts of the lower personal
>> vehicles, along with whatever causal matter breaks away with them,
>> eventually dissipate and return to the common pool of elements, much
>> like the dissolution of lower vehicles in the normal course of events
>> post-mortem.

>I'd never heard this before - where did it come from?

You have to dig around a bit.
Here are a few references on the subject:

The Causal Body and the Ego - A.E.Powell (TPH)
Chap.25 "The Ego and His Investment"
(Mostly compiled from CWL's Inner Life Vol. 1 & 2)

Fundamentals of Esoteric Philosophy - G.deP (TUP)
Chap.16 "Lost Souls and Soulless Beings"

Esoteric Teachings - G.deP (Point Loma)
Vol 9 Correlations of Cosmic and Human Constitutions
Chap.3 "Lost Souls and the Left Hand Path"

Esoteric Tradition Vol.2 - G.deP (TUP)
Chap. 17 "Heavens and Hells"
- see also
Chap. 32 "Pneumatology and Psychology"

The original reference that Tom cited is, I believe:
Mahatma Letters, pg.171

There are some scattered references in both Isis Unveiled
Vol 2 pg 368

and the Secret Doctrine
Vol 1 pg 255
Vol 3 pgs 493, 513-516, 521-529


Concerning Alice Bailey:

>> The important distinction to make in all of this is between the higher
>> Ego and the personality. More to the point, it is the important
>> connection to make.

>In my terminology, I am assumming that the higher Ego is also
>called the Soul. Since I come from a background of over 20 years of
>Alice Bailey, that is the term used.	

She had quite a lot to say about the "Soul".
My dog-eared "Esoteric Psychology" comes immediately to mind.

To understand the subject of "lost souls" in Bailey terminology means
that you have to get specific and focus in on the nitty gritty of the
structure of the Egoic Lotus, it's rays and the subtle interior
projections made into the lower mental unit, astral and physical
permanent atoms (as well as the other centers), that go to form the
incarnate human monad (what AAB also called the "personality").

We are born basically functioning in and through these lower centers and
their corresponding vehicles. Our development as people, historical
human personalities, is effectively an integral identification with

For the time being, we identify so much with them that we don't know
ourselves to be more. And, as said, it's possible to live your whole
life identifying that way and never bother to inquire any further.

This is the area where the psychic "split" or "gap" occurs that is the
hope of aspirants and the risk of selfishness.

There is an aspect to the subject of "lost souls" that specifically
relates to the tendencies of the personal entity (i.e the lower
permanent atoms considered as a triad) and it's fate over a series of

Then their is the consideration of what happens to the Ego itself, (or
"Soul", as you say) in the Causal Body on it's own plane, when, after
many cycles, it's lower triad is deemed a failure and it has to deal
with the consequences of a lost "investment".

Another good Bailey reference for this is:
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire Pgs 991-993

Hope this helps.

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