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Re: Theosophy and Truth

Dec 27, 1996 01:29 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Replying to John Mead

>The agreement each member makes when joining the society
>is to (conceptually) accept the three objects.


>it is my experience that to *want to* define a line
>to demarcate ideas as "un-theosophical" is *itself* untheosophical.
>i.e.  we should not talk about *where* the line should be
>drawn ... but ...
>*why* would one even *WANT* to??

Yes, John. Engaged-in as a demarcation dispute, it has got to be one of the
most fruitless possible. I have never seen it advance the cause of
theosophy, and I've seen it tried many times.

On the other hand, to want to find the heart of theosophy and how that heart
can illuminate everything you do and find around you, then discrimination
begins to operate at its finest.

Yes, even logic has its theosophical uses ;-}


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