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Re: Merry Xmas to Theos-l

Dec 27, 1996 01:29 AM
by Murray Stentiford

Different bods have written

>>> A verrrry Merrrry Christmas/Winter Solstice
>>> to everyone on the list.
>>	My wishes to everyone also!
>>> For those located in other regions than the US Midwest,
>>> it's going to be around 15 degrees in Chicago on Christmas day
>>> with snow coming in tonight ...
>>	Many more miles to the west, I just woke up here in western
>>Montana - to around 5 feet of snow ...
>Merry Xmas from NZ. It looks like we are heading for 25C or 80F. As
>today is Boxing Day, lots of people will be at the beach or having
>barbecues in the back yards.

Yeah. More greetings and very best wishes from New Zealand. Another thing
they do here at this time of year is that most of the population in the
northern half travels to the southern half and vice versa. Then they do it
all again about 2 weeks later. In between, the country dozes - and recovers
for the year ahead.

Love to all.


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