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Re: "Religious" Theosophists.

Dec 26, 1996 02:06 PM
by JRC

On Thu, 26 Dec 1996 wrote:
> I would think it depends on the variety of christian.  One could certainly
> not be a fundamentalist and be a theosophist, but there would be little
> problem with most of the mainline denominations.  We have a lot of people who
> consider themselves to be both and it confuses the hell out of the rest of
> us.
	I personally see no contradiction at all. One of HPB's most
significant claims was that the world's religions were all outer forms or
expressions of a central and universal body of knowledge - the picure I
get is one of a group of buildings arranged in a circle ... each building
a religion with an "outer" and "inner" chamber - its exoteric and esoteric
components - and the inner chamber of all of them containing doors that
open into a common central courtyard. In fact she seemed to consider one
of the chief purposes of the TS to be the reconciliation of the world's
religions, the ending of wars and conflicts between them, by entering a
process in which their common source might be discovered through the study
of comparative religion. Virtually every religion, IMO, contains somewhere
within it a doorway .... the chief problem being that they almost all, at
the institutional level, claim to have the *only* doorway, to possess the
truth that is above all other truths.
	The thing that confuses the hell out of *me* is the fact that the
TS, that was formed in part to repair the immense damage caused by that
nasty belief ... seems increasingly poised to *adopt* the sucker.

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