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Re: T-bonics

Dec 24, 1996 08:51 PM
by kymsmith

>>Richard Ihle writes-->
>>At last I have found the purpose of my life.  Other men may have more
>>significant purposes, but I have mine and I am content:  My job is to
>>continue offering definitions which either no one else agrees with or which
>>no one else is able to notice no matter how many times the definitions are
>>Thus, once more into the Void:
>>~theosophy~:  "valid knowledge which has its base in, or at least originally
>>derives from, transcendental, mystical, or intuitive insight or higher
>>~Theosophy~:  "The Universal of which ~theosophy~ is the particular.
>>~Principal Theosophical Philosophy (PTP)~:  "Cosmogenesis and Anthropogenesis
>>as found in HPB and closely associated theosophical writings."
>>~Principal Theosophical Philosophy Plus (PTPP)~:  "Cosmogenesis,
>>Anthropogenesis, and Psychogenesis (the latter to be defined by the next
>>Messenger, i.e., the first modern Theosophist who succeeds in getting other
>>Theosophists to pay attention to his or her definitions)."

Tom Robertson writes:
>I disagree.  The final, official definition of Theosophy is "the dogmatic
>creed that says that a spirit of brotherhood is the ideal."

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