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Re: Paul's House of Cards

Dec 24, 1996 06:58 PM
by Tim Maroney

>It is impossible not to consider one's own ideas as superior, since, if the
>ideas of others were regarded as superior, those ideas would automatically
>be adopted as one's own.  If I did not consider Theosophy to be superior to
>Christianity, I would be a Christian, not a Theosophist.

Is there some reason you can't be both? While Blavatsky was doggedly
anti-Christian, there were plenty of others such as Leadbeater who sought
to reconcile the paths.

Also, in a spiritual sense, is it really necessary to form some rigid
hierarchy of the value of ideas? To the illumined eye are not all
ideations far more similar than different -- all truth, all lies, all
somewhere in between? Don't all literalistic ideas deconstruct themselves
into "working myths" under meditation? It is just as true or just as
false to say that there were epistolary Mahatmas in the nineteenth
century as it is to say that God raised himself from the dead in the

Tim Maroney

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