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Re: Theosophical Friends

Dec 23, 1996 04:25 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 09:41 PM 12/23/96 +0000, JRC <> wrote:

>On Mon, 23 Dec 1996, Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

>> BTW, I learned recently that TSA is going to put up a newsgroup.  Don't
>> have any other details yet.

>10 ' ll getcha 20 its moderated.
>					tee hee, -JRC

>From my experience with moderated newsgroups and from my experience with the
TS, 10 will get you 100 that if you try to post something negative about the
TS in their moderated newsgroup, they would post it.

What happened with the newsgroup alt.theosophy?  It was on my news server
for a while, and I posted some articles to it, but I never saw any article
in it, including mine.

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