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Dec 21, 1996 12:00 PM
by Mark Kusek

Michael wrote:

Poor Jesus Christ, Mozart, Chopin and all the noble good men/women who
suffered so much in their lives in spite of them having given so much to

<and snip>
However, this does not explain the suffering of noble minds.
I do not think there is an exact retribution. It may even be so that
somewhere in evolution God hankered for suffering as desert people do
for rain.


In addition to whatever personal karma they may have brought with them,
I've always just assumed that their efforts to elevate the race (either
consciously or unconsciously) brought them face to face with the inertia
of humanity.

I see it as if they were lifting a heavily soaked, global blanket from
underneath. Despite their best efforts, the weight inevitably crushes
them. If they're lucky, they'll get it to lift a tiny fraction of an
inch, and it'll hold. This appears to the rest of us like revolutionary

Most people are too selfish to even attempt it. Some others do it in
spite of being selfish. There are exceptions and genuine moments of
altruism. Then there are extraordinary personages like Jesus.

In all such cases there is love of humanity at work. Real love and
compassion. We should be grateful.

Whatever the causes or who initiates them, it falls on the rest of us to
assimilate, personify and suffuse the gain into the cultural
"blanket-at-large". Weaving our collective destiny as we go.

Happy Holidays

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