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To Ann

Dec 20, 1996 05:55 PM
by Thoa Tran

>ANYway ... what I do understand is that arguing with Tom will do nothing -
>because everything anyone says will be re-configured as it enters the
>world of his assumptions, and no one stands a chance in that world - in it
>he *is* a poor innocent victim of the irrationality, emotionalism, and
>(tee hee) "sexism" of the women and some of the men on this "feminist"

Are you saying that Tom is a Borg collective of his own?  Like you, I find
that it is useless arguing with Tom (Tom Borg:  Resistance is futile!).  I
think by this time everyone would have already formed their opinions one
way or the other.  However, I am glad that April came out with her recent
posts.  Like Liesel, it did my heart good.  Did you notice that the present
mood of the list is more heartfelt than intellectual?  In that environment,
Tom's "logic" practically disappears.

TTT S=o)

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