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Holy S--t!

Dec 20, 1996 05:47 PM
by Thoa Tran

>Someone talked about the significance of the letter M. Well, let me tell you
>what the letter M means to me. When I went to school, I used to put a letter
>M on my friends' or my own forehead for good luck. This is how M means good
>There's a French word merde, which means, well, I'll say manure. When you
>walk around the streets of Paris, at least in the days when I walked around
>there, there was a lot of dog manure on the narrow sidewalks. And I suppose
>rather than get angry at stepping in it, people used to say that it was good
>luck. So merde, which means "S---" means good luck.

It's good to know that it means good luck.  Wait until I tell all parties
concerned that they're lucky s--ts.

TTT S=o)

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