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See what is happening in book publishing

Dec 19, 1996 05:55 PM
by M K Ramadoss


Here is a very interesting development I picked up from Information Week.
Do you like tobe among the first to read the hot new book?

Publisher McGraw Hill Beta Book program may be just the thing you're looking
for. The web site offers cutting-edge computer titles a full three months
before they're published. Two new books will be posted in their entirety
each month. To get the jump on the competition and stay ahead of your game,
see what's comingto bookstores at:


MKR Comments:

If this is the trend, soon there would be chaos in publishing industry. Some
of the publishers are likely to run into rough financial seas, especially
those trying to make money on *revised* or *abridged* editions of books
whose copyright has expired a long time ago. In this category will fall TPH.

Next in line, in my judgement, are the magazines who may lose readership.
Already there are ezines.

Would like to watch developments with interest.

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