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Re: Individuality

Dec 18, 1996 08:48 AM
by John Straughn

Tom Robertson writes:
>>We evolved from a homogeneous state (mulaprakriti), working our way through
>>the Elemental, the Mineral, the Vegetable, Animal Kingdoms to finally
>>achieveindividuality and self-consciousness. The Left would have us return
>>to anamorphous collectivism, a One World "Group Soul" type of
>>consciousness, acondition from which we we have striven so hard to emerge
>>in the course of Evolution.
>Individuality is temporary.  There are similarities to pre- and
>post-individuality in that, before, we were part of a group soul, and after,
>individuals will have achieved spiritual oneness.  A world in which everyone
>could trust everyone would be conducive to pure cooperation.  Since the real
>world is not anywhere near that way, predominant individualism is optimal.

This is partly true, (IMO, as regards to my own studies), only if you agree
that this "group soul" was not composed of many individualities, rather one
soul with many "potential" individuals within it.  We have achieved
individuality and the "after", if we choose to choose the right path, will be
composed of a group of individual sould with a common purpose.  i.e. their
swabhava's will be similar (note that I am not saying exactly alike).  So, I
think, pre-individual could be called the group soul, as Tom stated, and post-
ind. could be called group of souls.  Just a thought.

The Triaist

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