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Dec 17, 1996 11:53 PM
by Tom Robertson

At 06:33 AM 12/18/96 +0000, wrote:

>A further clarification between Left and Right:
>The Left espouses a totalitarian, ideological one-party state, the conformity
>of the
>the mass media, the glorification of the majority and an elitism (as in the
>of the proletariat). This leads to the usual leftist utopian vision of the
>ant hill.
>The Right embraces freedom, as in free enterprise, private property, personal
>independence, a respect for tradition and the primacy of the individual
>(as versus the collective).
>We evolved from a homogeneous state (mulaprakriti), working our way through
>the Elemental, the Mineral, the Vegetable, Animal Kingdoms to finally achieve
>individuality and self-consciousness. The Left would have us return to an
>amorphous collectivism, a One World "Group Soul" type of consciousness, a
>condition from which we we have striven so hard to emerge in the course of

Individuality is temporary.  There are similarities to pre- and
post-individuality in that, before, we were part of a group soul, and after,
individuals will have achieved spiritual oneness.  A world in which everyone
could trust everyone would be conducive to pure cooperation.  Since the real
world is not anywhere near that way, predominant individualism is optimal.

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