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Re: Tom Robertson? Alan Bain?

Dec 17, 1996 00:18 AM
by John Straughn

Mark Kusek writes:
>Keith:  No, I am Alan's evil twin and your evil twin, in fact we are
>septuplets - seven you know!  Forgive me, I'm still sick! :)  Happy
>TTT:  I want to be Alan's evil twin, too!  In fact, I'm sure the Triaist
>would wish Alan change him into his evil twin, too.  It must be no fun
>being a carrot.  We can have an army of Toms.  I think Mark is
>channeling April Joy in his spare time.  S=o)

Actually, I'm getting quite used to this carrot thing.  As long as I believe
that I am a carrot, I don't have a care in the world.  The only problem is
that I've started having this terrible fear of rabbits and farmers. *shiver*
The Triaist

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