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Re: TS Corruption

Dec 15, 1996 06:00 AM
by M K Ramadoss

At 02:07 AM 12/15/96 -0500, you wrote:
>At 06:40 AM 12/15/96 +0000, "m.k. ramadoss" <> wrote:
>>   In the general context of the above, I would like to point out that we
>>have not seen any present or past elected officials on theos-l. Nor have
>>we seen the mention of theos-xxx in Quest Magazine. This makes one
>I wonder what would be wondered about.  Without some definition suspicion of
>certain motives, nothing would be mentioned about anything making anyone
>wonder.  What motives are TS leaders suspected of?
>How long has this list been in existence?

  I believe this list has been in existence for three years. I subscribed to
it last year and am enjoyed every bit of it. It also has provided me
information that is unavailable from any source. I have also run into a
number of very interested t/Theosophists and I am sure there are others on
this list who feel the same way.

Glad that you are here.


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