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Re: United States thing

Dec 14, 1996 06:14 PM
by John Straughn writes:
>>At 01:20 AM 12/14/96 +0000, Kym wrote:
>>>Tom wrote:
>>>Please keep in mind, with your obvious patriotic zeal, that there are
>>>otherson  this list who are not in or from America.  Just a little
>>>somethin' tothink about. . .
>>I had no idea there _was_ any other country besides the United States.  When
>>did this happen and why was it allowed?
>Is this an attempt at humor?  Is there really a 'real person' behind these
>"Tom Robertson" posts?  Or is this simply another bedlamite ranting, another
>'tommy turd' I may step in lest I skimp on diligence?  What do I do?  What
>approach do I take?  The Theosophical thing to do would be to give him the
>benefit of the doubt. . .but I'm not sure I'm a Theosophist. . .so that
>isn't going to help me. Man, I hate these moral dilemmas.  Should I look
>upon him as friend rather than foe?  Should I recognize him as a brother. . .
>Whoa!  Jump back there girl!  Get a grip!  You almost had me there, Tombo.
>That was close. . .

Oh, come now.  Aren't we being a little harsh?  :)

The Triaist

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