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Re: Eldon's example

Dec 13, 1996 09:22 AM
by JRC

On Fri, 13 Dec 1996, K. Paul Johnson wrote:

> Surely it is *just* paranoia on my part, but Eldon's *purely*
> hypothetical example of a person saying "The leaders of all the
> theosophical groups are corrupt, power-hungry, ignorant
> bastards that aren't insightful enough to accept and print my
> brilliant books" does have a certain personal ring to it.  Strange and
> wonderful how a post ostensibly devoted to showing us all how
> to communicate in a brotherly/sisterly manner contains within
> it a little plausibly-deniable attack on a fellow Theosophist!
> Sorta passive-aggressive, on the purely *hypothetical* and
> paranoid assumption that this was inspired by/directed at a
> real person.

Yes ... I got a bit of a chuckle too - curious how Eldon's purely
hypothetical, impersonal examples all seemed to apply shockingly well to
specific individuals. I'm sure it is just coincidental.
							(-:), -JRC

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