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Eldon's example

Dec 13, 1996 07:23 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Surely it is *just* paranoia on my part, but Eldon's *purely*
hypothetical example of a person saying "The leaders of all the
theosophical groups are corrupt, power-hungry, ignorant
bastards that aren't insightful enough to accept and print my
brilliant books" does have a certain personal ring to it.  Strange and
wonderful how a post ostensibly devoted to showing us all how
to communicate in a brotherly/sisterly manner contains within
it a little plausibly-deniable attack on a fellow Theosophist!
Sorta passive-aggressive, on the purely *hypothetical* and
paranoid assumption that this was inspired by/directed at a
real person.

Maybe Alexis had something to do with Eldon's saying this (He
does use phrases like "corrupt, power-hungry, ignorant bastards"
WHICH I DON'T) but in fact I'm the only author who submitted his
work to all the Theosophical publishers, got it rejected by all,
and went on to have it acclaimed as brilliant by some folks within
and outside the TSes when a university press published it.

So, for the record.  My ms. for In Search of the Masters was
considered for almost a year by TUP, then for more than a year
by TPH and PLP.  After they all rejected it (none offering an
iota of substantive criticism of my research) I went on to
self-publish, and the revision of that self-published work
ended up as two SUNY Press titles.  As of the middle of 1995, I
had worked independently of any Theosophical institutional
support for many years, was happy to be published by SUNY, and
had continued to try to be on friendly terms with all
Theosophical leaders.  It was only when hate mail and
error-ridden, contemptuous attacks on my work started to come
my way that I began to express any real disenchantment with
organized Theosophy.  But still, I never said and don't believe
1. The leaders of all Theosophical groups are corrupt...
I certainly don't think Grace Knoche is corrupt, and don't know
a thing about the alleged non-leader of ULT.  Nor do I have a
judgment on the national section heads in the Adyar TS outside
this country.  As for John Algeo and Radha Burnier, yes I think
there is something corrupt about the way the ES secretly
controls their agenda for the TS-- which conclusion I reached
through evidence having nothing to do with my books.
2. power-hungry...
Again, no re: Grace, don't know re: McOwen (sp?), don't know
re: most Adyar officials, yes re:Algeo and Burnier.
3. ignorant...
No, not regarding any of them.
4. bastards...
No, none of them, although Algeo has his moments of which I
have been the beneficiary.
5. aren't insightful enough...
Yes, true in general about all the Theosophical leadership I
fear, and this becomes clearer as I deal with the ARE
leadership which shows real vision.
6. to accept and print...
see above.  I'd say, rather than not insightful enough, "not
devoted enough to scholarly inquiry and diversity in
perspectives" and maybe "too cowardly."
7. my brilliant books.
Never said or implied that they were either brilliant or
flawless; they just happen to be the most original and
well-researched new interpretation of HPB and her associates
that has come along in a very long time.


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