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Re: Matriarchal Theosophy

Dec 09, 1996 09:38 AM
by John Straughn

Tom Robertson writes:
>>In message <>, April Joy <>
>>>Men will accuse a woman of cheating but if you really look into it
>>>usually the man was cheating and then accused the woman of it out to
>>>make the woman the guilty party.
>[etc... snipped]
>"Dr. A.M.Bain" <> wrote:
>>A brilliant post!  I trust everyone will forgive me for repeating some
>>of it!  I hope April will join us in Theosophy International, where
>>truth is free and equal for all, and no one can dominate anyone.
>I find it interesting how a man can write an article saying that he believes
>that men and women are basically equal and then mentions one way in which he
>believes men are superior, and that a woman can write an article in response
>saying that men and women are basically equal, and then mentions 23 ways
>that she considers women to be superior, and the same man, responding to
>both, can call the male author a "sexist bastard" and call the post of the
>female author "brilliant."  Maybe the name of this list should be renamed
>"Crusading for Feminism."  It is my understanding of Theosophy that it
>considers balance, not matriarchy, to be the ideal.

Some of us are a little confused.   Some are confused.  And some are very
confused.  I didn't find this article very brilliant or theosophical, and
equally your posts have given me the same impression.  (Just IMHO)

There are a lot of good points made in your posts, so I don't ignore them or
prey on the sexist nature of them.  But that doesn't mean I like them:).
Please don't leave the server.  I think that if you stay on long enough those
of us who are confused about what we believe may actually learn a lot, and
perhaps you will too.  In fact I'm sure of it.  We all have a lot to learn.
None of us are perfect.  I wish others on this list would realize this, and
rather than attack you, and call you crazy and sexist, try to understand you,
while you try to understand them.  (I'll point out here that I don't believe I
have yet seen you DIRECTLY demean anyone on this server, but many have done
this to you)

IMHO, our goal should be to understand each other, not judge each other.  And
just as soon as I stop judging others, I'll let everyone know.  (IOW, I'm not
anywhere near perfect, as some think I believe)

The Triaist

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