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Re: Sexism

Dec 12, 1996 05:51 AM
by Ann E. Bermingham

> From: John Straughn <>

> Downplays?  I don't understand.  What about the fact that the prejudices
> face have encountered and are still encountering have been downplayed for

> years.  For instance, if I want a job as a secretary, I probably won't
get it
> because I am a man.  If I want to be a bank teller.  Well, I can pretty
> forget about that too.  And you can't say it is because the "boss" is
> and, therefore, wants a female secretary/teller.  The boss i.e. manager
> not often do the hiring.  It is the teller supervisor (which is usually a

> woman) or, in the office environment, a group of three people who decide
> is hired.  As a man (hypothetically speaking), I have a very poor chance
> getting an entry level job in an office  or bank.

This is changing.  There was an article I found the Sunday Sun-Times a few
ago that says that men are entering fields that were traditionally thought
to be for
women.  It has to do with the tighter job market and the fact that some men
beginning to feel that they are better suited for those jobs.  For example,
men are
now training to become nurses.

As for getting an entry level job at a bank, perhaps you should come to
Chicago and apply
for a job at my bank.  They've hired some young men in the past few years.

I just see this as another indication that the Aquarian ideals of equality
are slowly being
put into action.

> Most men are pigs, I won't deny that.

But their curly tales are so cute.

>A male CEO will usually want a good-looking female secretary to
> work for him.  This is true.  This is what proves my point.  A female CEO
> refuse to hire a male secretary because she feels that she would be
> the rise of women in the job market if she did so.  Damn, I'm stuck.

Do you have the statistics to back this up?  Personally, I'd love to have
a nice young guy for my secretary. ;-)

-Ann E. Bermingham

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