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Dec 11, 1996 10:49 PM
by Art House

The Triaist (from Theos-L 750):
>For ages, the woman has been considered the manipulator, the protector, the power.
>The man is simply the figurehead.

The Triaist:
><snip>You say that I hold harmful prejudices.  I clearly states that in some cases women
>and men strive for balance and equality.  I also stated that in MY experience the allegory
>stood true.  My point was that we are the same source (not simply FROM it, as you have
>stated), and that, in my experience, most have not realized this and feel the need to
>overpower and control.  Either physically, or emotionally, by demeaning or discrediting
>others because their opinions differ.

Your statements are harmful in that it downplays the prejudices women
have encountered and are still encountering.  The scale of equality is
still detrimentally unbalanced for women.  Yes, women would like to say
that we are powerful as far as opportunities go, but unfortunately, that
is generally not the case.  If you look at the corporate, political, and
even the art world, you can see that it is still a boy's club.  Perhaps
you should have narrowed your statement.  For example, "for ages,"
you've been around for ages?  You know that the woman has been "the
manipulator, the protector, the power" for that long?  Instead of saying
man is weak and woman is the protector, you should have stated, "My wife
protects me because I am weak, and she beats me senselessly if I
disagree with her."

>Boo-hoo-hoo-hoo.  I feel so sorry for you men.  Try growing some
>ovaries, then maybe you can join us women in being the manipulator, the
>protector, and the power.

The Triaist:
>Case #1

Case #1a.  You must have grown some ovaries! S=o)

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