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Universal Peace

Dec 09, 1996 00:04 AM
by Art House

Keith Price:
>For the Masters, I would suggest, that intuition is primary or before rational
>thought.  In other words they experince LOVE, CONNNECTION, ONEness, before they
>analyze, discriminate, moralize, etc.   It is not so they are irrational,
>but above and beyond the limitations of rational thought.  They are trully
>thought's Master, not its slave.


>What do tinsel and Chirstmas lights mean?  They are attempt to display,
>not so much beauty or religious feeling but love - sentimental, family type  -
>person to person common love.  Not sexual, not exalted, but a kind of childlike
>love of feeling the air with warmth and tenderness.

Yes, I love those things, too.  Whether sentiment, common love and
tenderness are only common emotions not in the upper planes of
spirit-matter or not, I believe they are valuable tools for helping one
develop wisdom and compassion, which is Buddhi-Manas.  A person who
cannot even start with such sensitivity and under the delusion that
insensitivity is just pure logic and manas, have a much longer way to go
toward compassion, much less wisdom.

TTT S=o)

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