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Re: sexism

Dec 05, 1996 10:44 PM
by CDGertrude

> >I do not understand what it means to think emotionally.  I do not regard
> >your question as very difficult, since I would choose a leader who acted as
> >a result of thinking logically over one who acted emotionally without
> >hesitation.  That is one reason why men are leaders, since they do this
> >better than women do.  I would not want to count on an emotional leader to
> >win a war for me.
> >
> methinks I discern some emotional overtones?!
> Liesel
And isn't the act of war irrational in and of itself?
Thus, so-called war leaders are obviously "emotionally" driven.
Otherwise, they would be cold-blooded, calculated killers.
Gertrude the Pacifistic Churchmouse


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