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Male Domination

Dec 05, 1996 05:47 AM
by Tom Robertson

"Dr. A.M.Bain" <> wrote:

>In message <19961204101610.AAA23425@LOCALNAME>, Tom Robertson
><> writes

>>It is natural for men to dominate women, since they are stronger, both
>>physically and volitionally.  Most women want this, preferring men to be the
>>leaders.  "Exploitation" has negative connotations of injustice, which is
>>distinct from domination.

>Of course, you are personally acquainted with "most women" and they have
>all told you this?   Please explain how it is "natural" and define what
>you mean by "natural."  As a woman friend of mine who read your post
>said, "How do I screw this sexist bastard into the ground?"  She is a
>black belt Karate teacher, and could dominate most people, though she
>doesn't - it's against the teaching.

Masculinity is active and dominant.  Femininity is passive and submissive.
All individuals are mixtures of the two.  Men are generally predominantly
masculine, and women are generally predominantly feminine.  Since men are
more masculine than women, they naturally take the initiative and dominate
more than women do.  You have responded in a predominantly feminine way, not
only in how emotional as opposed to rational it was, but also in that you
emphasize diversity and uniqueness more than you do universality and
similarities, an approach that discourages, if not condemns, generalizations
in the name of opposing prejudice, not realizing how prone to prejudice _it_
is.  You imply that sexism is the belief that men and women are not
identical.  If that is its definition, then I hope I am considered to be
sexist, since that would mean that I have been understood.  Assuming that
men and women are not identical, then it directly follows that, in many
ways, if not every way, one is better than the other.  I assume they are
equal overall, but many generalities could be made about specific ways in
which they are unequal.  Men are stronger than women.  Women are more
compassionate than men.  That there are exceptions to these rules hardly
invalidates them, as I wrote in the post to which you responded.  I do not
have to be personally acquainted with most women to see general tendencies,
nor would they all have to have told me anything.  A high degree of accuracy
can be gained from small samples.  It can be mathematically demonstrated,
for example, that a random poll of 1000 people or so gives a reasonably
accurate view of what 260 million people think.  I would be surprised if
anyone would contest the idea that, in most marriages, the man is more of a
leader than the woman is, a condition that they both want.

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