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Re: Three for the day/Art House

Dec 04, 1996 00:25 AM
by Art House

so many things
    a hope in white tara -
so many marvels
    a green eyed hope.

why not lift up my heart
    and sink not any further?

old birds fly more gracefully
    and wisdom doth not
turn her head from the
    stiffer breezes.


one see her
so far up in the clouds,
so at a distance,

    one gasps for breath.

    the cosmic Lady Yin
        aspiring and soaring

                one forgets
                to look down
                to the earth


a thousand vari-colored robes
flicker in tranquil moonlight,

the court,
arrayed in splendor
sets the pace for this evening's festival.

the palace,
giant glowing pearl of lustrous beauty,
transcendent in the pine scent of quiet
that hushes us by and by ...

awaiting the appearance
of the many heavenly attendants.

    green pine moon festival
    breezy night; golden age.

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