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Re: Brotherhood again

Nov 30, 1996 04:32 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bee Brown
<> writes
>Here is a little fuel for the fire from Vitvan. In his book The Christos
>(1951) he writes:
>"When we get to the final analysis or ultimate understanding, we find that
>humanity on this planet is one brotherhood, one family. That is not an ideal
>we are working towards; it is a fact that we have to 'discover'. We have to
>discover that we are all integrated in the same field, and because we are
>integrated on one field we are brothers; that is, we are one family.

Oh what an important message this is, Bee!  Vitvan here qualifies his
use of "brotherhood" by adding "family" in such a way that the meaning
is clear (IMO) that "family" is as good a way of putting it as any, and
I would suggest that he implies that it is a better way, as (for
example) sisters in a family do not need to be called "brothers" or be
members of a "brotherhood" and neither do mothers, fathers, sons,
daughters, or anyone in between <g>.

This may be the same thinking that led the inspiration (not mine) to use
the term "family" in preference to "brotherhood" when formulating the
Theosophy International "alternative" or complementary statement of
intent with its variation on the three objects.

The most imortant point of your quote is:

>That is not an ideal
>we are working towards; it is a fact that we have to 'discover'.

This, to me, is the ultimate message of theosophy.  Like it or not, we
all "belong together" - would it not be a good idea to get to like it,
and to like each other?  This is why I am such a fervent supporter of
TI, which speaks in terms of family, amity, and respect for all life.

So I honestly find it  difficult to understand why anyone would want to
hold out or hold forth against such sentiments.


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