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Brotherhood & other terms

Oct 30, 1996 06:13 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 01:09:06 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Brotherhood & other terms
>Liesel, please fwd it to theos-l

to whom it may concern. Konstantin's computer programming has been changed.
He can read theos-l, but he can't send any answers. Since he can get through
to me, I told him I'd forward. So here it is. Liesel

>     Hello!
> [I combine here many topics to spare net resourses]
> 1. English terms.
>e>I'd say, then, keep the Sanskrit terms, and use more, when our English
>e>equivalents are subject to misunderstanding.
>  Exactly right. Especially when we're speaking about principles -
>the word buddhi is sometimes translated as mind, intellegence,
>intuition, and both rupa & arupa-manas are also translated by
>the first two terms, altrough it's clear that these are very
>different things. Most translations of Bhagavad-gita are useless
>because of incorrect translations of these terms.
>  Secondly, when speaking with ordinary people, the sanskrit terms
>attract their attention. This is known from big experience of Soci-
>ety for Krishna consciousness. It's important because now there's
>many false "masters". Today i heard from a head of Moscow thosoph-
>ists about a woman who held so called "seminars" where for 750000
>roubles ($135) taught people that if they will live non-spiritual
>life, they'll reincarnate to scorpios & cuckroaches. Of cource, it's
>impossible to distinguish false masters only by words used, but in
>fact they normally don't know sanskrit terms, and when one hears
>a restricted dictionary, where the most complicated words are "ast-
>ral" & "bio-field", he decides that before him is again a humbug
>like that. :)
> 2. Brotherhood.
>  BTW, if someone don't likes "brotherhood", i suppose to replace it
>by "cousinehood" - it might affect both men & women :)
>  But i personally support the original term "brotherhood". Annie
>Besant, who herself fighted for equal rights for women, never tried
>to replace it by some other term.
> 3. El. Publishing
>CH>In most cases, a simple read-only is sufficient.
>CH>There are e-book programs that protect from easy copying
>  I don't understand at all what reason is to prevent copiing the theoso-
>phical material. Contrary, we should give a people a possibility for the
>further widespread. If christians kept copyright on their Bible, now
>no one should know about Christ :)
> 4. Movies
>BL> in point, let's take a look at GROUNDHOG DAY.
> I also recommend to everyone to watch that nice film.
> 5. Gays
>BL> I find her master quite inferior to the ones who wrote THE MAHATMA
>BL> LETTERS, at least in my opinion. By the way, I found the homophobic
>BL> reference: ESOTERIC HEALING, particularly around page 62-64.
>  Even Bible condemns homosexuality, so D.K. didn't invent smth. new.
>We can accept in TS people of various sexual orientation, but "Esoteric
>healing" is a treatise about healthy life. It's two different things -
>if we say that meat is not a recommended meal for health, it doesn't
>mean that we carrying on "anti-meat discrimination".
>   Konstantin, 2:5020/360.4 Fidonet. Moscow, Russia, Earth.

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