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Healing, forwarded from Kay Ziatz

Oct 30, 1996 06:08 PM
by liesel f. deutsch

>Date: Wed, 30 Oct 1996 00:51:18 +0300
>From: Kay Ziatz <>
>Reply-To: Kay Ziatz <>
>Subject: Healing
>Liesel, please fwd it to theos-l
>     Hello!
>R>even without themselves consciously knowing how it works. This is one
>R>side of Krishnaji.
>AB> I have known two people with this gift.  One had never heard of
>AB> theosophy, and the other (who I still know) thinks it's rubbish.
>AB> Food for thought?
>  IMO the second one was exactly like Krishnaji, so he doesn't bring
>us additional information ;)  I also knew the women, who removed pain
>even by persistance. When one looked at her, there was no pain, even
>he looked at her through the window, and when she got outta sight the
>pain renewed. Later she died from cancer. She was also talented painter
>& writer. I think she also didn't knew about theosophy.
>  Healing by placing the hands has a pranic nature, imho, and, like
>mediumusm, doesn't depend on grade of "spiritual developement". If
>Krishnaji healed by only persistance, like that woman, without tou-
>ching, but, unlike her, removed deserse forvever, it would be matter
>to discuss :)
>  Is the book by Ramacharaka (aka Atkinson :) "Occult healing" known
>to western theosophists? He discusses there different types of pranic
>and mental healing, gives some practical advices and explains why it
>can't be named "spitiual healing". Original of this book is written in
>english, but i have only russian version (but in file).
>   Konstantin, 2:5020/360.4 Fidonet. Moscow, Russia, Earth.

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