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the stories about CWL

Oct 28, 1996 01:39 PM
by liesel f. deutsch



>Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 14:50:47 +0000
>From: "Dr. A.M.Bain" <>
>Subject: Re: The 4 B's
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>In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
><> writes
>>       I have a number of problems with Leadbeater, but I don't recall him
>>admitting to child abuse (nothing was ever proven, in my recollection,
>>and the only thing that was probably true was that he participated in a
>>"circle jerk", at a time when it was considered standard behavior for
>>English schoolteachers to teach their male charges about masturbation.
>>For information about earlier that century, read TOM BROWN'S SCHOOLDAYS,
>>and realize that "fagging" for an upperclassman included performing
>>fellatio, which is why "fag" became slang for a homosexual.
>Depends how you look at it.  A fag who is compelled under duress (which
>is the truth of the situation) to perform acts of fellatio is a victim
>of child abuse - as no doubt was his upperclassman in his own day.
>SFAIK most of those affected and still living were in Australia, which
>is how Gregory Tillet was able to get so much info for his book, "The
>Elder Brother," being himself an inhabitant of Sydney with interests in
>the LCC.  Reading between the lines, there seems to be good reason to
>suspect that some of these men are or were still traumatised by their
>It is all thoroughly documented.  Some of the info (which includes newly
>discovered material) can be found in CWL.ZIP which should be in
>There is also further material in the 1908 "Theosophic Voice" published
>in Chicago (I have a DTP file of Issue 1, which contains some of the
>information current at the time).  JHE also has a great deal of
>historical info, so don't be surprised if he chips in on this one.
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