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Re: The 4 B's

Oct 26, 1996 08:28 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:

> Heav smoker (now untheosophical) meat-eater (now untheosophical) user of
> "colorful" language (extremely untheosophical).

	Like TSA National Speaker Stephen Haller(sp)?

> Manipulator and manipulated, supporter of "new" doctrines, supporter of
> CWL in connection with his self-admitted acts of child abuse.  Believed
> that a young Indian boy was the reincarnation of the Christ.

	I have a number of problems with Leadbeater, but I don't recall him
admitting to child abuse (nothing was ever proven, in my recollection,
and the only thing that was probably true was that he participated in a
"circle jerk", at a time when it was considered standard behavior for
English schoolteachers to teach their male charges about masturbation.
For information about earlier that century, read TOM BROWN'S SCHOOLDAYS,
and realize that "fagging" for an upperclassman included performing
fellatio, which is why "fag" became slang for a homosexual.

> Seems saner than some - but a *naughty girl* for going it alone and
> finding her own master!  Very untheosophical behavior.

	I find her master quite inferior to the ones who wrote THE MAHATMA
LETTERS, at least in my opinion. By the way, I found the homophobic
reference: ESOTERIC HEALING, particularly around page 62-64.

	Bart Lidofsky

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