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Re: one final thought

Oct 27, 1996 06:32 PM
by Bart Lidofsky

Ann E. Bermingham wrote:

> The local Chicago magazine did an interview with Harold Ramis, who was
> responsible for the
> story and production of the fillm.  He said that after it was released he
> got letters from Buddhists
> telling that it was the most buddhistic film they'd ever seen.  Then he got
> letters from New
> Agers who thought it was written for them.  And so on.  Harold had to admit
> that he'd not
> written the film with any particular group or spiritual path in mind.  It
> had just seemed like
> an interesting idea to him.

	Harold Ramis was responsible for the production of the film, but the
story and most of the script was written by Danny Rubin.

	Bart Lidofsky

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