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To John Straughn and others, of course

Oct 16, 1996 01:38 PM
by kymsmith

Dear John,

You wrote:  "I'm only trying to help you to understand that some
things can be twisted so far out of proportion that they begin to inhibit, and
even asphyxiate, the journey within.  I will try to explain more on this
matter later, but for now, I must rid myself of this fatigue...:)"

As I implied in an earlier post, "correctness," can be a lot of work and
some do find it tiresome. (I will remove the political as that term seems to
disturb some when used in this context - and I now, through their arguments,
see and understand the point - although I do not agree with the arguments
really, it will serve no purpose to continue to use the offending term)
"Correctness" is mentally challenging, not for the faint of heart or mind.

Although it is clear that you have chosen to give homage to an old line of
thought that may not deserve it, you must admit it is most Theosophical to
explore new ideas and thoughts, try them out, see if they work -
particularly those avenues which seem to be devoid of harm if adopted.
Since, as you stated, different theories abound as to what will happen to us
when we die, we must therefore concentrate on improving life here.  If using
particular words will make others feel welcome and comfortable, improve life
here, and will not harm anyone while doing so. . .well?

The "gender-inclusive" issue was so eloquently addressed in the letter post
by John Crocker, (Mr. Crocker, where have you been all my life??) I can only
do the writing a disservice by adding to it.

However, if every time someone was told "that's the way it's always been,"
my god, would we even have plumbing???  Is that an argument you would accept
if you put forth an idea of change, or a new idea, and that was the response
given to you?  Do you really think because something has always been
"accepted" it is right?  If not, why do you apply that as a defense in this

What really is the standard we should use when judging ancient and not so
ancient teachings and traditions?


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