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Re: The 4 B's

Oct 27, 1996 07:14 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, "Ann E. Bermingham"
<> writes
>Who of us in all honesty can rate the Masters?  Perhaps we can only rate
>the various  personalites which they may dictate through.

Which kind of makes my point better than I did.  Whatever HPB's
perceived faults, or those of any of us, no human being is perfect, and
that would include the writers of the Mahatma Letters, whoever they
were, or even if their existence is pseudonymous.

What matters is the Teaching itself, and what matters even more is that
its students work at checking it out, veryfying it if possible, throwing
out anything which proves to be false, and correcting anything which may
have become twisted around in transmission - or by time, as in the
language question.

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