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Oct 26, 1996 11:29 AM
by Michael

Ramadoss wrote:
>In the latest issue of What is Enlightenment? there is a very interesting
>account of a serious health problem of Vimala Thakar being healed by
>Krishnaji. According to her, even Krishnaji did not know how the healing
>worked. It seems Krishnaji's mother had told him when he was young that his
>hands had the power to heal. It appears that some may have healing powers
>even without themselves consciously knowing how it works. This is one more
>side of Krishnaji.

This was of course known for more than 25 years ago after Vimala Thakar
wrote her: "On an eternal voyage" published in 1969 in which she gave an
account of the healing sessions.
At one time she was considered in Europe the future successor of Krishnaji.
In fact her books were found to be more comprehensible than K.'s. She went
around giving lectures and courses. K. denied once more that any person was
chosen to, or could step in his shoes. I haven't heard of her for a long time.


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