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A new approach!

Oct 24, 1996 03:27 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>,
>I, like you, am open to a whole new approach in terms and structure for that
>particular statement.  "Brotherhood" must be replaced.  Wonder how many
>incarnations it would take to actually see it happen though!  But one must
>fight on.

At the risk - maybe certainty - of being boring, Theosophy International
has *already* started off a new approach.  How about taking this
discussion to the TI-L list, and building on what we already have?
Unlike the TS (Adyar or wherever) the TI Statement is not set in stone,
and is still in its "beta" phase.  A while back we spent a great deal of
time getting it into the shape it is in now, and everyone wanted a rest.
We've had a rest, so how about back to work?

If we keep following the thread as it crops up on theos-l we will end up
with another half dozen (or more) versions of TI, maybe with as many
different names, which will get us nowhere.

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