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To K. Paul Johnson

Oct 24, 1996 00:24 AM
by kymsmith

Paul wrote:
>Kym, may I call you that?  I'm probably as put off by being
>called "Mr. Johnson" -- at least in contrast to the generally
>informal nature of this list-- as you might be by some
>distancing, gender-specific term.

No, you must call me Ms. Kym!  Just kidding.  Sorry if "Mr. Johnson"
offended you.  I refer to some friends by their "sir name" (!), but of
course, you couldn't tell by my writing that it was not meant formally.  It
shan't happen again, Paul.

> Anyhow, problems with your
>suggestions that I find:
>1. "Kinship" is pretty good, although "family" might be simpler
>and equivalent.  But they both are descriptive rather than
>prescriptive.  Humanity already is kin, family, etc.  But we
>sure as hell aren't a brotherhood or a fellowship!  We need a
>future-oriented, optimistic term. Also,
>"kinship" doesn't have the breadth of meaning that "fellowship"
>does; its meaning is fairly restricted to genetic factors
>rather than social ones.
>2. Body, whole, and society all lack the affective appeal of
>fellowship or even kinship.


>So let's keep trying.  Maybe a whole new approach is in order:
>e.g. "to form a nucleus of universal human solidarity (love...
>whatever.)  "Universal blank of humanity" limits the options.

At the risk of being accused of complete dunderheadedness, the phrase "to
form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity. . ." doesn't make
sense.  If we must stick to that sentence, shouldn't it be "to form a
nucleus FOR the universal brotherhood...?"  And, what does "form a nucleus
mean?" (I already pontificated about this on the ti-l list)  My dictionary
says 'nucleus' means a "center" - it also says 'nucleus' means "a little
nut!"  I think it is trying to say it wants to be a or even THE center of
growth or development - but the sentence seems to be grammatically erred.

I, like you, am open to a whole new approach in terms and structure for that
particular statement.  "Brotherhood" must be replaced.  Wonder how many
incarnations it would take to actually see it happen though!  But one must
fight on.


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