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Re: Boston Lodge

Oct 24, 1996 04:10 AM
by Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> >       Well, I don't look forward to discussing the merits of SGML vs. MARC
> >with Ms. Trumpler...

>         Most of us here would not know what SGML or MARC for that matter. We
> are having enough difficulty in understanding even commonly used english
> words, leave alone acronyms!!

	Spelled out wouldn't help much, either. MARC is the "traditional"
system for transferring library records on computer; it is
extraordinarily complicated, but very thorough. SGML is an up-and-coming
method of, among other things, creating free-form databases, and some
major library consortiums are looking into using that to replace MARC.
If you have designed Web pages, then you already have taken a look at
SGML; HTML is an SGML compliant system (or at least was until Netscape
shoved their dirty paws into the mix...).

	Now back to our originally scheduled program...

	Bart Lidofsky

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